Monday, October 1, 2007

Making A Pair of Ear Hooks

How to Make Easy Earrings

For beginners jewelry maker out there, Here's a video I found in Youtube, that would show you step by step instructions on how to make an easy earring. enjoy!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Beadwork websites

Somebody from femalenetwork gave these wonderful sites to me regarding accessory making, tips and technique…I found the websites very helpful and useful. From the website you can get design inspiration or if you are new in accessory making, there are simple step-by-step instruction on how to make any accessory. So hope to find the site useful too.

Check out these wonderful sites.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Starting an Accessory Making Business

Points to consider:

Creative Ideas & Passion in Fashion Accessories:

Before going to this business, you must be interested and love fashion accessories to appreciate the art and craft of accessory making. You must also have a creative mind and vast imagination to produce unique and exceptional designs. I believe that “being interested” in fashion accessory is the most important factor to consider before to going to this kind of business.

Starting Capital:

It really depends on what you want to create. If you want to create accessory out of precious stones, like swarovski, pearls or gems; you must prepare PHP 3,000 to PHP 5,000 for startup capital. But if you will just use ordinary beads, startup capital of PHP 1,000 is enough

Materials Needed:

Aside from stones and beads, you will be needing the following materials and tools


1.) Pliers:
a.) Long nose and flat nose pliers - used to handle the pins, bend the wire, crimp bead, etc.
b.) Round nose pliers - used to make loops for the pins.

2.) Cutter: for cutting pins and wire.


1.) Pins

a.) Head pins - the nail-like pin (flat base) used to create dangles for your jewelry
b.) Eye Pins – have loops in the end of the pin, used as connectors from one beads to another

2.) Ear wires or fish hooks – hook that goes through the ear

3.) Clasps - a fastener that attaches two things, like the ends of a necklace or a bracelets

4.) Open jump rings - are jump rings that are not soldered shut. They can be opened or closed using pliers

5.) Trigger clasp - utilizes a lever and spring to open and close the arm of the clasp. Trigger clasps can come in various shapes such as an oval or heart

6.) Stringing materials – composed of multiple strands of steel wound together and then coated with nylon. It is sometimes referred to as tiger tail.

7.) Bead cap - used to "dress up" a bead, crystal, stone, or other type of bead. It adds a touch of gorgeousness to your bead.

Above are just the basics tools & materials. You will need more stuff as you go along.

Where to buy materials:

1. ) QUIAPO – The Philippine bead paradise. There are so many bead shops to choose from along this area. Its in Villalobos St., the narrow street in front of Quiapo Church, behind the Mercury Drug Building. The most famous shop of them all is the Wellmansons shop, because you will see all materials you will need for accessory making at a very affordable prize.

Tips & Techniques in making accessory:

Visit to have a free tutorial on accessory making

Monday, September 17, 2007

You are invited

We are inviting everyone to come and visit our booth CHARMS SPARKLE ETC. at 10th Woodrose Family Bazaar on October 13 & 14 2007 at Cuenca Community Center, Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City.

For inquiries:
Phone: +632 850-6380 loc 128 or 842-9458
Fax: +632 842-1481
(Office Hours: 7:30am-4pm M-F)

CHARMS SPARKLE ETC.'s booth number is 130 (See below Bazaar's Layout)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bazaar, Bazaar, Bazaar

“BER” months are the most awaited months of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs wanna-be's because these are the times when Bazaars or Tiangges are organized everywhere in the Philippines. Many
entrepreneurs take advantage of this season, because they could reach to as many customers at a minimal cost, and most of the people who go to bazaar have a pure intention of shopping.

Since bazaars are known for their trendy and unique items, entrepreneurs make it a point that they are selling the newest designs as much as possible, so as not to disappoint shoppers. People who join bazaars make it sure that the items they are carrying are
according to bazaar’s culture. This ensures an increased chance of success in bazaars.

For those who are interested to join a bazaar, here are 7 tips I found from Entrepreneur Magazine (September 2007 issue) by JET RAMOS-CRUZ

1.) Consider the type of Crowd a particular bazaar attracts.
2.) Consider the date and location of the Bazaar
3.) Look for bazaar organizers with good reputation and a good publicity program.
4.) Select a good location in the bazaar for your merchandise
5.) Plan a particular look for your bazaar stall to reflect the image of your brand
6.) Prepare calling cards or flyers with your contact information
7.) You must like the product you are selling

So, above are just the basic things to know in joining bazaars, for more details, pls check out the Internet and other magazines regarding bazaars.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My top ten favorite FASHION ACCESSORY 2007

1.) Hortensia Flower Gold Earring by BACARRAT

2.) Gecko Bangle by ROBERTO CAVALLI

3.) Diorette Yellow Gold Ring by DIOR

4.) Diorette white gold ring by DIOR

(love the butterfly in the center... ;-) )

5.) Dog Carrier Bag by JUICY COUTURE

6.) Heart Necklace by DIOR

7.) Charm Bracelet by VERSACE

8.) Pave Heart Locket Necklace by JUICY COUTURE

9.) Love and joy pendant by ME&RO

10.) Sparkling Heart Earrings by DIOR

Gosh, I wish I could have all those...

disclaimer: pictures are used for mere commenting purposes only. pictures are owned by

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pre-Christmas Bazaar

Its Christmas season once again and here in the Philippines, its also time for bazaars and exhibits for gift giving tradition. Usually a bazaar here showcases the latest trends in fashion accessories, toys, gift items, Filipino Handicrafts, Christmas decor and many more.

Since we are only freelance accessory maker, we have decided to join small bazaar events around Metro Manila. After whole day of researching yesterday, we have found that big villages in Metro Manila will be holding a mini bazaar inside their places and outsider exhibitors are welcome to join their bazaars. We are very happy about it because these are exactly what we are looking for, small events but good audience. We didn’t waste our time and give our intention to join those villages bazaars and from October to December 2007 we are booked to the following events. Btw, we call our team as CHARMS Etc.

--> October 13 - 14, 2007 (Saturday & Sunday)
10th Woodrose Family Bazaar at Ayala Alabang Village

-->November 10-11 2007 (Saturday & Sunday)
Pre-Christmas Bazaar
at the Santuario de San Antonio in Forbes Park, Makati City

-->Nov. 17-18, 2007 (Saturday & Sunday)
Christmas Hearts: A Gift Bazaar at Valle Verde 5 open and covered courts

-->DEC. 1-2, 2007 (Saturday & Sunday)
Wack Wack Yuletide Blessings BAZAAR III at Wack Wack Golf & Country Club

-->Dec. 15-16, 2007 (Saturday and Sunday)
Christmas Hearts: A Gift Bazaar at Valle Verde 5 open and covered courts

Our product line will include bracelets, earrings, necklaces and hair accessories. We will also be launching our first ever accessory blog one of these days so better watch out for it coz the blog will be featuring up-coming events, our latest designs and many more.

See you all !

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Just Yell

Hi Friends, you can now give your comments and suggestions to my blog using a shout box. Please do not hesitate to contact me for your request or suggestion.

I want to take this opportunity also to thank the people who support my blog.
Thank you thank you thank you...
I thank also the Almighty for giving me friends like you...

Hope you find my blog useful and entertaining....

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Super Size Necklaces

Super size colorful stone or gems necklaces are very trendy today. I've seen many celebrities wearing those attractive necklaces. I've notice that they are wearing them without other accessories. I could say that super sized necklaces can be tossed on any attire, I think you could wear them with tank top and jeans or mix them with party dress or can accessorized elegant evening dress.

It is amazing that a single necklace can personalized a look and can form a decorative self-expression. It could give a surprising effect on anything you wear. Its like no matter how you wear them, it will surely turn out to be fashionable. Fantastic !

Take a look at this 60" necklace below, i found this at JCpenney's site, for me its perfect, because you could wear them everyday or even for important occasions. Its simple but full of life, I wish i could make a resemblance of it... :-)

Another beautiful necklace from love it !

Gosh... its inspiring...